My teaching life...

Hey there! I’m Stacey, 1 Passionate Teacher. In my career, I have taught from grades 1-7. Although littles are adorable and I loved teaching them at the time, I really found my passion in the middle grades. Grade 6 has been my favourite. They are still so eager to learn and the awkwardness that starts in grade 7 hasn’t set in yet :).

I have taught both full English classes, as well as the English portion to French immersion students. I attend as many workshops as I can throughout the school year each year. A few of my favourites include restorative practice training, science inquiry network, digital toolbox summit, empowering modern learners, anti racism workshops, and de-streaming training. Okay maybe this is more than a few. I feel that these trainings and more have shaped who I am as a teacher today. 

life in my classroom

If you were to walk into my classroom, there are a few things that you would see every day. Of course we have math everyday, we have a language lesson everyday. But what I mean by this, is the core of my pedagogy. The part of my programming that if it wasn’t there, my students would be saying “why didn’t we have —- today?” For me, these structures are community circle preparation first thing in the morning (where students share their thoughts about the daily prompt), circle sharing, literacy centers with guided reading, daily math talk and class read aloud novel. Especially the first and last on this list. Community circle is the most important part of my day and I adore reading to my class. 

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other random tidbits...

Along with almost 20 years in the classroom, I am also raising two beautiful daughters with my amazing hubby (well we think they are beautiful, but we are biased :). We also have two dogs that love roaming around our country property. One is a Portuguese water dog and the other a Havenese. They make quite the pair. 

I seem to be always doing something school related, but when I am not, I love spending time at my parents cottage, camping in our RV and spending time around our backyard fire pit. All of these have a theme. Outdoors and fire. Not the scary kind, but the kind you can stand around with friends, roast marshmallows and watch the beautiful dancing flames. I also love sitting by the fireplace inside. Okay maybe it is just about the fire and not necessarily outside. 

I also work on my TpT business where I get to turn my passion into lessons and activities that can help keep your passion for teaching alive. No prep, no fuss. Just send/ print and go. 

I LOVE teaching, and I LOVE sharing. I look forward to sharing my passionate ramblings with you, and I hope my content resonates with you, your teaching philosophy, and that most of all, they help you and your students. 

Stacey is 1 Passionate Teacher