DIY Video Creation in your Classroom

Are you tired of boring, old procedural writing assignments? You know the ones that your students find boring to write and that you find boring to read? The ones like, “how to brush your teeth”, for instance. Or perhaps you have a fun idea (like how to blow a bubble), but your students have done this every year since they were in grade 2! Spice up your writing assignments with a DIY video creation procedural writing assignment! Perfect for the end of the year or anytime you want to put a little fun into your literacy block.

DIY Video creation for procedural writing and media

Okay, enough of the infomercial now. Let’s just get down to business.

Why DIY video creation is the best thing going?

I am sure there are many answers here, but the most important one is because the kids LOVE them! After all, you are giving them a chance to be the teacher, to show off what they are awesome at and to be themselves. Well and maybe because they are a great way to get a writing and media mark all in one, but “the kids love them” at this point in the year is my favourite reason.

DIY Video creation procedural writing product on TpT

By the way, I have done this both in person and virtually, so no matter your situation, I’ve got you covered. 

The procedure for DIY video creation

1. First, students research DIY features (they love this as it is like watching tv in class). 

2. Next, you build criteria together as a class 

3. They then choose a topic that they are passionate about that they can teach the other students

4. Next, they write a procedure

5. They then test it out hands-on, adding details they missed to their writing as they go

6. They, or you, record when they are ready.

7. Lastly (well almost lastly), they use a video editing software to put their video together with the DIY media features researched in step 1 (titles, music, time lapse, etc.)

Then at the very end of the year, I like to also add step 8; watch and try out each other’s videos. What a fun way to end the school year!

save yourself some time!

DIY video creation product for procedural writing and media

Following these steps can be easily done on your own, but if you are looking for a ready-to-go product with lesson materials, templates, a sample activity and an explanation on how to use 5 different video editing software programs, then check out this product. Only four dollars!

But wait there’s more! Well, not really. I just really wanted to say that.

Well, I guess there is more… more end of the year activities in this blog about keeping your students engaged all of the way to the end of June. Check it out for more end of the year writing, as well as reading and math activities .

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