Engaging End of the Year Activities

Engaging end of the year activities for the Middle School classroom

Here we are beginning to mid May and I can honestly say that I have no idea if I should say, “Wow it’s May already?” or, “It’s only May??”.  This year has been something else. I am with you, my fellow passionate teacher friends: we are in need of a real break. We are in need of some engaging end of the year activities.

I am sure that like myself, you still have a million things to cover before the end of May. This is especially the case if you teach a grade with EQAO testing. So, May is probably covered.

But what about June? The warm weather starts to settle in. The tiredness of a long year starts to settle in (for all of us). And the longing for summer makes a mere 20 days feel like an eternity. How do we keep our kiddos engaged all of the way through until that last day?

End of the Year activites that i love

math; engaging End of the year activities

1. Digital escape rooms! 

8 engaging end of the year math escape rooms

If you haven’t done my digital math escape rooms with your middle school students through the year, then give them a try now. There are eight different rooms in the school to escape. My kids LOVE them. Assign one a day for the last 8 days of school and watch the engagement happen, all of the way until that very last day.

2. Entrepreneur math choice project

This one has so many cross curricular connections. Students choose from a variety of different options of businesses to start (or choose their own). They will order materials for their business (money), set up a space (area), make a business logo (media) and create a persuasive pamphlet (writing/ media). So much learning and so much fun for a perfect end to the year!

engaging cross curricular math project for the end of the school year

3. Make a math Kahoot

engaging create your own Kahoot game for end of the year math review

End off the school year with some math review. Students create questions that review the topics taught throughout the year. Then they create a Kahoot to share with their classmates. Afterwards, each group gets to play the other Kahoots that their classmates created. Hours of fun and collaboration .

writing; engaging end of the year activities

1. DIY video

This takes up a lot of time and my class last year was so excited about it. Tell your kiddos that they will be making a DIY YouTube video and you will have them hooked. After checking out the features of a DIY video, students plan and create their own using a topic of their choice. This involves writing and media creation, through online video editing.

engaging DIY video creation media activity for the end of the school year

2. fRee passion Maker inquiry project

free engaging end of the year passion project

Give your students chance to share their passions, with this FREE digital passion project template. Not only do they get to choose their own topic to learn more about, but students also get to create something hands-on to share, that goes beyond just a Google Slide presentation. Makerspace meets passion project. This will surely keep them engaged until the end of the year.

Reading; Engaging end of the year activities

1. Book Club

When we do full book clubs, students have reading periods, activity periods and discussion periods. This process takes 6 weeks. The part that they like the best is reading and discussions, so why not give them the joy of the parts that were most engaged in in June. It would be like a mini book club.

2. Read a new chapter book

Give the kiddos choice by selecting a few book options and then let them vote. This voice and choice will increase engagement. Make sure it is just the right length that you will get through it. There is nothing worse than a novel that didn’t get finished! Click on the heading of this section for an example of a quick Chapter book called Bad Kitty, and some accompanying narrative writing materials.

3. Picture book project

Bring your kiddos to the library and have them pick a deep thinking picture book. Have them make a “lesson” for a younger class (or you could have them read to their own class). They would read the book (or record themselves prior), develop questions to invoke conversation and engage students in an activity. Great fun for all (and the younger teachers love it, since you are giving them time that they don’t need to plan).

end of the year picture book project, to keep students engaged until the end of the school year

That’s a wrap…

Check out these ready to go, engaging end of the year activities and more in my TpT store

Less than a month to go; we’ve got this!

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