Get your Pre-made Math Lessons for the School Year Now

Did you know that as teachers, we spend 7 hours a week on average looking for teaching materials. 7 hours x 42 weeks = 294 hours searching for materials! Yikes! Junior and intermediated students also spend a significant amount of time looking online for study materials. What is the solution to this? PRE-MADE MATH LESSONS FOR BOTH TEACHERS AND STUDENTS!

Send your students pre-made math lessons

Sending my students my pre-made lesson is one of my math rules. One of 5 rules that I follow every year in my junior grade classroom. Check out my blogs about my other math rules, such as using differentiated math tasks, using math talk prompts to spiral math throughout the year, using math centers with your junior grade student and coming soon: why pre-assessments are so important.

why I have pre-made math lessons for each topic in my junior classrooms:

save time: Student time AND teacher time!

They save us time, because well, they are pre-made and we don’t have to make them (saving that 294 hours per school year!)

They save our students time, because they are not randomly searching the vast internet, finding who knows what, getting distracted by shiny things. Come on, you know this happens to you too.

Of course not all of your students are so eager to be searching for hours on the internet. Having the lesson in their Google Classroom (or other learning platform) gives them no excuses. It is literally right there. We can’t make them open it but at least we can say we did everything we could.

provide your students with the right information.

Not only does not having to hunt for lessons save them time, but they also provide our students with the right kind of information. Even if they do end up finding something, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my students learning math from some random person on the internet. I am sure you have heard the saying “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.” I would prefer my students to study the information specifically created for their curriculum and grade, rather than finding something that is either wildly incorrect or completely irrelevant.

Pre-made lessons increase math learning

Not only will students have the lesson for studying, they will also be able to catch up on missed notes, review in class if they have not understood during activity time and gives them.

Plus so many more benefits!

  • Teacher can interact with students, rather than facing away from them while writing on the board
  • Lesson creation pre-made and can be used year after year (with only slight modifications to meet student needs)
  • Helps you to stay on track with expectations
  • Builds student independence
  • Available for students who were absent
  • Keeps parents informed

If you are interested, check out these lesson and activity sets in my TpT store. Digital lessons (with differentiated activities and practice activities) to meet your classroom needs.  

Sending a copy of my lessons to my students is rule # 1 of my 5 junior grade math rules! Check out the other 4 here.

digital math lessons from my shop