My 5 Math Rules … in a Rounding Decimals Freebie!

I love math!  Well, let’s be honest. I don’t love all math. I only love math when it is easy to understand and it is fun. Isn’t that true for everyone, our students included? What we need is a way to make math easy to understand WHILE our students are actually enjoying themselves. Is this even possible? (This is where your rounding decimals freebie comes in).

My 5 math rules, in a rounding decimals freebie.

Yes, that is possible!

Take this rounding decimals freebie (lesson and activity set) for instance. It follows all 5 of my math rules; Digital Math Lessons to send your students, Math Centers, Differentiated choice for performance tasks, Pre and post assessments and Daily math talk routines.….Put them together and they are game changers in any classroom. Learning and fun together as one!

1 Passionate Teacher's 5 Math Rules!

The 5 math rules in my rounding Decimals Freebie

Math Rule # 1Always have a digital copy of your math lesson to send your students.

✔️ Pre-made and ready to go! Just present, click, teach and send. The digital transitions allow your students to follow along in class, at home, on their phones when they are bored, etc. The skill is not only demonstrated, but practice questions with answers are also included so that students can self assess their understanding before moving on.

Rounding decimals lesson

Math Rule # 2 Have a round of math rotations for each unit

✔️ In person or virtual, I’ve got you covered! This set comes with a question generator game set is perfect for a rotation of centres. Both a digital version and a printable version are included. Since this is just one portion of the fractions, decimals and percents, perhaps it could be one of the rotations along with other learning activities for the unit.

Rounding decimal math center game

Math Rule # 3Offer differentiated choice for performance tasks.

✔️Differentiation is important in all lessons of course but what is even more important is allowing your students to CHOOSE their level of differentiated material. This set includes three levels of problem solving performance tasks that students can choose from, in order to show you what they know, in a level that they feel matches their understanding.

Rounding decimal differentiated math journals

Math Rule # 4Always start with a pre-test and end with a post test.

✔️Starting with a mini pre-assessment and a mini post assessment will help your students to see their progress. (This can be used on its own, or in combination with other fraction, decimal and percent assessment piece)

Rounding decimals pre and post assessments

Math Rule # 5Engage your students in a daily math talk.

✔️ Daily math talk prompts are key to introducing and reviewing concepts throughout the entire year. This set includes a math talk prompt that you can use to get your students talking about rounding before the unit begins.

Decimals math talk prompt

Want to learn more about each of these rules? Click on the titles of each paragraph to read the full blogs.

Did I mention that I am giving away this rounding decimals freebie mini lesson and activity set for free?!

Grade 5 Rounding Decimals to the nearest tenths Freebie!
Click here for the rounding to the nearest tenths and whole number version.

– Mini digital lesson…FREE ✔️

– Digital trial game for math centers…FREE ✔️

– Differentiated performance tasks…FREE ✔️

– Mini pre and post assessments…FREE ✔️

– Math talk prompt…FREE ✔️

Grade 6 Rounding Decimals to the nearest hundredths Freebie!
Click here for the rounding to the nearest hundredths, tenths and whole number version.

Rounding Decimals freebie………All free!

By giving this lesson and activity set away for free, I am hoping that MY math rules become YOUR math rules. 

Math rules that build understanding, autonomy and enthusiasm for math class. 

Click on the grade 5 and 6 product links above.

Your students will thank you!

Stacey is 1 Passionate Teacher