"The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline; it is the lack of procedures and routines." ~ Harry Wong


A smooth year starts with establishing classroom routines. let me lighten your load and take one thing off your list!

Oh the joys of September start up. There is so much to think about. How will you set up the classroom, how will you get to know your students, what will you do to build community, how will you build responsibility in your students? Oh ya and there is this curriculum thing too!

Take at least one thing off of your list with this classroom responsibilities organizational tool for the middle school classroom. 

This google slides presentation and printable resources will take your students from passive participators and turn then into active contributors to how the classroom is run.

With this resource, students are given the opportunity to learn about and be responsible for each classroom job they’ll have at some point throughout the year. This ensures that students all get the same opportunities, get to try new things, get to learn something about themselves, and have the chance to show you where they shine (which makes a great report card comment by the way).

Having a classroom responsibilities routine in your room builds responsibility and ownership of the classroom yes, but it also saves you so much time. No longer will you have to write the date, put up the schedule for the next day, plug in the computers, etc. Get your students to do all of this for you with this free resources.

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