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My name is Stacey, and I am 1 Passionate Teacher. Yes, this is my company name, but it also describes who I am. Just like many of you reading this profile, teaching is my absolute passion. I have been a full time teacher for 19 years and counting. I currently teach Grade 6, as well as create content for TpT that specializes in digital and printable content; interactive math sets, community circle prompts and hands-on inquiry. I am proudly Canadian. Although my products are widely used across North America (and beyond), I specifically create content with the Ontario Curriculum in mind (including the New Ontario Math Curriculum 2020). I look forward to connecting with and supporting other busy teachers.

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This is such a great resource. Students were able to understand the different components of an infographic and apply their learning into their own creation! My class is hybrid and this worked well for both my in-class and remote learners. It aligned well with the expectations in the Ontario Math Curriculum.
This is an excellent resource! The lessons and activities were easy to follow for my students. Very straight forward to use with distance learning. My students enjoyed the activities and got a lot out of the unit. Thanks!
This is a great way to start the day! A wonderful way to prompt discussions with my class. Very well organized and interesting conversation points. Another awesome resource! Thanks!
Fantastic resource. I haven't used all of the strands yet, but this was great for virtual learning. Students responded really well to tasks and games. Thanks a million for making virtual Math engaging for both students and I.

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